My grandma passed away when I was a little kid, and her bedroom suite became my bedroom suite. I don’t remember this, but my mom said that for quite some time I would complain that I couldn’t sleep because grandma was keeping me awake. At the time, my mom brushed it off as a little kids excuse to avoid going to bed.


Later on, when I was about 10, I was at an old one room schoolhouse in Ontario. The building had been renovated with additions and sleeping quarters and was used to hold weekend workshops that my Mom would attend. One day, I was there with my mom, probably because she couldn't find a babysitter. I was hanging out in the "lounge" and I can clearly remember seeing a man and his dog standing in a doorway just watching everyone. I knew he wasn’t really there, but had no idea what I was looking at. I approached the owner of the schoolhouse and asked him who this man was. The owner said “oh that’s our resident ghost – he takes care of the place and watches over us.” He told me the truth and made it feel like a very normal thing. He didn’t make it scary or a big deal. I credit him with allowing me to feel safe with my gift.


I knew that seeing these things was totally "whack-a-doodle" so I wasn't really open about it, except with close friends.


I soon realized that I could also see or feel the energy of regular, every day people who had passed to the other side. I'd be talking with someone, and would know that they had a close relative on the other side.



Through a series of coincidences, I found myself working with a paranormal investigation team. They use all the tools-of-the-trade such as EMF detectors, audio recorders, REM pods, and spirit boxes (just like you see on those ghost hunting TV shows). I would literally arrive at the location, with cameras and sound recorders on me, and I'd just walk around saying what I saw and felt. When I was finished, we would compare notes with our amazing historian on the team. We would see if there were any matches between what I saw, and the actual history of the property.

The first few times I was blown away! It was the first real validation that I wasn't making this all up. For instance, I'd see a spirit that looked like a police officer, then find out that a former owner was in fact a police officer.

We once did an investigation at a bar, and when I first walked in, spirit told me "I'm going to knock over that stool." I trusted, and told our videographer to set up a camera on the stools. And sure enough, about an hour later, one of the stools fell.

Our first priority as investigators was to find the truth - find a logical "real world" explanation for any activity. A great example of this is at one investigation, I went into the house and I really didn't feel anything extraordinary. I was then told that the homeowner called us because things in their kitchen moved by themselves. I still didn't feel anything. We eventually figured out that their washer and dryer were above the kitchen, and when the washing machine was on spin, the vibrations would open the cupboard doors, and move things on the counter.


My close friend Steve, lives in Ontario and his mother was in the late stages of dementia. My husband was on the phone with him, and I could "see" Steve's mother. She was telling me to tell Steve to let her go. She didn't want to be remembered like this and wanted to go. I screwed up my courage and told Steve this message. He said "that's weird, she started swearing yesterday" and she was the kind of woman who never swore. We spoke for a long time and he agreed to let her go. I suggested he go tell her this when she was sleeping. He did this, and she died a few days later.

I travelled to Ontario for the funeral. Steve had an informal "get together" before the funeral, and when I walked into the room, it was like the whole room went quiet. Like crickets churping quiet. I knew Steve told his friends about my "gifts."

Slowly people started approaching me, asking for a reading. I was very open and said that I don't have much experience with readings, but was willing to give it a shot. I did 6 readings while I was there, and each one of them said I was bang on. Woo hoo for me! When I returned to BC, I strangely had my own friends asking for readings. Around that same time, I took a Tarot Course at the Oracle in West Vancouver (and fell in love with Tarot). Next thing I knew I was part of the staff offering readings. I was officially out of the closet.


I wanted some formal training (which isn't an easy thing to find). I headed off to England to The Arthur Findlay College for a few weeks. It was super intense, but such a relief to be around others who had the same gifts as me, and could talk openly about it. I went there with the lessons I wanted to learn, and it was if spirit had their own ideas for lessons to teach me. 


(Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)

I'm not much of a book reader, since reading makes me sleepy, it takes me forever to get through a book. But somewhere during this journey I discovered the books by Dolores Cannon. I loved these books and read several of them over the course of only a few weeks. They made so much sense to me.


Dolores is a past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist who eventually realized that the memories of past lives and the additional information she had received through clients was being supplied by a much larger, more powerful and more knowledgeable portion of her clients’ selves, which their conscious minds were completely unaware existed.

She decided to label it The Subconscious, or what she affectionately also refers to as “they” as it was a part of every person’s mind that exists just below the level of our conscious minds, observing everything. It can be defined as: the Higher Self, the Oversoul, the Higher Consciousness. When contacted and communicated with, there is simply no question it cannot answer about an individual’s current life, or about any of their past lives.

When I do Trance work, I'm speaking as the clients higher self, but I was always aware that the client had to have a certain amount of "buy-in" to believe what I was saying. Dolores's technique allowed regular every day people, through hypnosis, to speak as their own higher selves - no buy-in necessary as it was coming from the clients own voice.

I learned the technique, and have had some extraordinary things happen. It's amazing. I've packed in my career as a photographer and graphic designer and focus on spiritual mediumship and Tarot readings and QHHT sessions. And I've never looked back.

The paranormal investigation

team on the radio.

Just a small sampling of some of the investigation equipment.

Me at a Harry Potter themed event reading Tarot cards.

The Arthur Findlay College in the UK.

Feeling the energy in the inner circle at Stonehenge.

My husband Jamie.

My dog Ripley. A ridgeback redbone coonhound cross (I think).

Me in my surfski.


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