My job as a psychic and a spiritual medium is not only to help you connect to loved ones in spirit, but also to empower you to follow your own spiritual journey, to find your truth. To help you to release any pain, find answers to your questions, or to simply have a chat with a loved one out of curiosity (or find out how your dog is doing - I love talking to dogs). But keep in mind, I can't guarantee who is going to come forward for a chat.


Now let me explain what I mean by a psychic and a spiritual medium.


Psychics are born with a higher level of intuition than most people. It's a natural gift. Just like how some people are great at music. It's being able to "read" the energy of another person.


Mediums are psychic and have the ability to communicate with people and animals that no longer have their physical bodies.


Quantum theory suggests that energy and matter can not be destroyed, it simply changes form. It makes sense to me then that some of us are born with the ability to see and communicate with spirit energy.


Believe me, I know it sounds completely whack-a-doodle, and I spent years trying to ignore it.

I'd often just know something or I'd hear a strong message from spirit. Sometimes I'd get the courage to pass on that message, and the other person would totally know what I was talking about (to my total shock and amazement). There were just too many of these to ignore.


Even though it's a natural ability, I felt the need to learn the foundations and fundamentals of mediumship. I found this training at The Arthur Findlay College in the UK. I spent several weeks there and I was totally in my element. Finally having other mediums to talk to.


I believe being a spiritual medium means doing my best to live a spiritual life. It takes dedication, patience and a lot of time. I "sit in the power" or "sit with spirit" almost every day. It's kind of like meditation, but instead of going inward, I stay aware and I simply "listen" to the etheric world.


I try to do the same in a reading. I have to "listen," and remove my own judgements, and interpretations. The last thing I want is to be communicating with your grandpa in sprit, and he "shows" me his war medals, in hopes you will recognize it - and I am say something like "he's wearing some jewelry." I do my best to avoid those goof ups. I want to honour and respect him and be his voice, and I do this by getting out of the way.

Not sure about your own abilities? Lets work on it together.


I'm also a certified tarot card reader.


Your reading can include a Tarot Reading. I find some questions are answered better by tarot cards. 

Like most Tarot readers I have tiny addiction to different decks. I like read from "Claude Burdel 1751" version of the  Marseilles Tarot (pictured in the banner above). I simply find it more intuitive for me than the common Rider-Waite deck.


I know this stuff can be a little "out there," so feel free to send me any questions you may have.


There are no dumb questions.

North Vancouver, BC


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