I'm a medium and a professional photographer.

Memorial photography is a new idea for most people. It seems like a breach of etiquette to take pictures during such a difficult time and most are shocked at the mention of it. People like to have photos of the important moments in their lives – so why not the final celebration of a loved one.

Have a record of some of the most memorable moments, of those that were present, and the reunions of long-time friends. People let their love shine at moments like these - and my goal is to capture that. The moments of quiet reflection and the feel good smiles amid the tears. Photos will remind you of the many people that your loved one knew and their relationships.

Those that can't be there can feel as if they were still a part of it. 


Photos can be important for the grieving process and they can help with closure for those who can’t be there. Being able to see the ceremony and the emotions can make them feel part of the ritual of saying good bye.


I can meet with you funeral director and spiritual advisor if requested. Photos can be colour and/or black and white. 

It's not about death, it's about celebrating a life. 

Most have not thought about having such an important moment documented. Being a spiritual medium helps me to "read the room" and do the best job I can do in capturing appropriate images. It's an honour for me to take part in the healing, to help in a tragic situation and to be a part of the smiles when they come back.



I have been a professional photographer for over 15 years. Photographing everything from product, lifestyle, sports and events - in the studio and outside.


My natural style has always been documentary style. I'm there, present and ready to photograph as it unfolds. I move around unnoticed - capturing beautiful raw moments


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